Farewell Opera

by Matt Cholick

I've finally switched my default browser to Firefox. Though I still think that Opera is more polished in a lot of ways, it just doesn't have the community behind it that makes Firefox great. I've already found extensions to Firefox that I just can't live without; mostly these are development tools like the web developer extension and the built in DOM inspector. The DOM inspector is a recent discovery and an amazing tool for analyzing how a website is constructed and troubleshooting problems. Opera doesn't open itself up to extensions the way Firefox does, and thus doesn't have all these great tools to add. Opera also charges for their product. It's hard to get momentum against free competitors.

So, goodbye Opera. You showed me how wonderful a browser could be and opened my eyes to how much more pleasant the internet is when not viewed with IE. You introduced me to the wonderful innovation of gestures. You cleared up my taskbar with tabbed browsing. You saved your state after closing. It's been a great few years, but it's time for me to move on.