3D Modeling

by Matt Cholick

I was looking into open source game development tools, simply because I was bored and curious. I found some interesting things, including entire game engines like Ogre. It doesn't seem quite on par with the graphics of commercial games, but someone could put together something very workable.

This led me to 3d modeling tools. How exactly are the characters in a game created? Looking at the different mesh types that Ogre could import led me to find Blender 3D. It's another open source tool, this one for creating 3d models. It can do some pretty cool things. I've spent the day messing around with it. I don't know if I'll take it further; this is something that would take years to master. What excites me more is that these things are available and out there. I've seen some quite impressive game mods. Community content can be better its a base game. I can't wait until these tools get the momentum and creative talent behind them that the modding community has. Anyway, below are the day's efforts of running through tutorials.

Dolphin Stick man

Winter scene Octopus